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Our Team

We'd like you to meet our owners, operators, and chauffeurs.

Brett B.

Booking Coordinator / Operations Guy

Brett enjoys a good time and, knowing this, decided to do his best to provide a good time for others and provide the Sioux Falls, SD area with transportation services that also just so happen to be a whole lot of fun.

Timothy F.

Technical Coordinator / Kodiak Chauffeur

Sioux Falls native, and, like any normal giant gorilla, the guy likes fruit. So ask us to provide you with Jungle Juice for your booking and who knows, this guy might even show up for a few pieces of pineapple.

Driver One


Information coming soon!

Driver Two


Information coming soon!

Driver Three


Information coming soon!

Photographer One


Information coming soon!

Want to be a part of Paramount Party?

Do you have a CDL and want to drive one of our buses?

Are you an awesome photographer with an eye for a good picture at the party?

We're often looking for looking for good help and maybe you'll fit right in with what it is that we do.

We'll list open positions as they come available and, even if what you'd like to do isn't on the list, send us an inquiry and we'll let you know if we could use your help.

2019  PARAMOUNT PARTY BUSES // 605-300-0195 //
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