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Where should we pick you up?

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Are there additional stops you know you want to make during your event?

How many people do you expect to have on board?

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Please read our Rules and Regulations.*

In order for us to provide the best possible information for you, including availability and rates for your event, we ask for some information for you.

Please complete this form to the best of your knowledge and as accurately as possible. We are flexible and changes may certainly be made after this form is submitted, but accurate information will help us guarantee that we are able to provide accurate information to you regarding your booking.

Easy Rules First:

-- Do not distract your driver while he/she is operating the vehicle.

-- We do not allow additional passengers on board during any event for your own safety.

-- Please be certain to schedule sufficient time for your event to avoid unexpected charges and so as not to disrupt the schedule of other customers.

Paramount Party Rules and Regulations

1 - All event / transportation booking charges must be paid in full before any person may board vehicles reserved for an event or transportation.

2 - All passengers enter and ride at their own risk. While our number one focus is safety, all modes of transportation involve a risk of injury or death. By agreeing to this contract any and all passengers voluntarily accept and assume all risk of damage or loss of property and injury or loss of life and agree to not hold Paramount Party Buses and/or its employees responsible.

2.a - As a condition of being permitted onto any of our vehicles for any reason, the customer and all passengers agree to hold harmless and not to bring a claim against or to sue Paramount Party Buses and/or its employees for any reason.

3 - Paramount Party Buses is, in no way, responsible for events or actions that occur outside of the vehicle provided for any event.

4 - Unfortunately, weather events and conditions, unforeseen traffic conditions, vehicle malfunctions or breakdowns, and other events can - and will - happen occasionally. In such cases we will do our best to provide an alternate vehicle to complete your booking.

4.a - In the case of a weather event, traffic condition, or vehicle malfunction or breakdown (etc.) that causes a booked event to be canceled we will try to schedule a different date and time comparable to your canceled booking.

4.b - In the case of a weather event, traffic condition, or vehicle malfunction or breakdown (etc.) that causes a booked event to begin after the scheduled pickup time we will try to accommodate as well as we are able, will refund the payee to the amount of time lost up to 50% of the total booking, or will attempt to reschedule the event / booking. Which option is entirely decided by Paramount Party Buses and is not open to customer choice.

5 - In the event that Paramount Party Buses contracts your event / booking to another company for any reason, you (the customer) and your party will agree to and abide by any and all conditions set forth by the company providing service(s).

6 - Event and booking times begin when the first passenger boards or when the event is scheduled to begin, whichever occurs first. Event and booking times end when the last passenger disembarks or when the event is scheduled to end, whichever occurs first.

6.a - In the event that an event goes beyond the scheduled time, the customer / payee will be accountable for additional time billed hourly, regardless of whether or not an entire hour is used.

6.b - In the event that an event goes beyond the scheduled time and it affects follow-up bookings start times, the customer / payee will be held responsible for both the additional time billed hourly as well as the time lost for the following booking, also billed hourly, as well as an inconvenience fee totaling up to $75 per hour additional. Please do not disrupt our other customers schedules by incorrectly scheduling your own booking!

7 - Any tolls or parking fees accrued due to an event are the responsibility of the customer and will be charged to said customer.

8 - Paramount Party Buses and/or its employees are not responsible for any lost or stolen items brought onto our vehicles by any passenger.

9 - Any property damaged or stolen belonging to Paramount Party Buses during a booking and caused by any passenger is the responsibility of the customer / payee, including repair costs, replacement costs, collection fees, attorney fees, court fees, etc.

10 - All passengers must keep their entire body inside the vehicle at all times while the vehicle is in motion.

11 - Any media captured in Paramount Party Bus vehicles may be used for Paramount Party Bus promotional content.

12 - Littering is a crime and one that we take very seriously. We don't like it when people litter. If caught throwing anything out of our vehicles the customer / payee may be: charged a clean-up fee; asked to personally pick up whatever was thrown out of the vehicle as the vehicle waits in a safe place to park; and / or have their event canceled entirely. Please do not litter.

13 - All passengers must be 21 years of age or older to consumer alcoholic beverages, both on and off of our vehicles. We reserve the right to check the ID of any passenger and, if there is not one provided, we reserve the right to refuse alcohol to that passenger(s) or to cancel the booking / event altogether.

14 - We do not accept drugs, violence, or weapons onto our vehicles. These may be cause for immediate cancellation of any booking / event without refund. Any person participating or carrying in such will be asked to disembark immediately and / or will have the authorities contacted.

15 - We do not allow smoking on our vehicles. Any passenger caught smoking will be asked to stop smoking or to disembark and the customer / payee will be charged a fee of $55 per infraction.

15.a - Vaping may not be allowed on our vehicles and is allowed at driver's discretion only. Please ask the driver if vaping is acceptable as it may be distracting.

16 - We ask that you do not vomit in or on our vehicles. Each of our vehicles has a garbage can; if you cannot hold it in until our driver can safely stop for you, go for a garbage can. Any person that vomits in or on our vehicles will be responsible for the cancellation of an event / booking for an immediate clean-up; the customer / payee will be responsible for a clean-up fee of $150.

17 - Post event / booking clean-up is typically covered under the standard charges of the event, however, excessive clean-up of a vehicle will be charged at a rate of $65 per hour plus any additional charges for damages caused.

18 - We rely on bookings made in advance and consider a deposit a serious investment to place a hold on a vehicle for a specific date and time. Cancellations are handled as follows.

18.a - Cancellations made 21 days or more prior to a reserved date may be refunded up to 90% of the total booking cost.

18.b - Cancellations made 15-21 days prior to a reserved date may be refunded up to 75% of the total booking cost.

18.c - Cancellations made 8-14 days prior to a reserved date may be refunded up to 50% of the total booking cost.

18.d - Cancellations made 7 days or fewer prior to a reserved date may not be refunded any of the total booking cost.

19 - By making a deposit and confirming a booking, the customer / payee agrees that Paramount Party Buses holds the right to charge the customer / payee for any additional charges incurred upon notification via phone call, text message, email, or social media, regardless of response by the customer / payee via any of the aforementioned platforms. Authorized charges may include but are not limited to: booking / event charges, additional services, or damages incurred.

20 - Upon clicking the "I have read and agree." box on the Paramount Party Buses Booking page or by making a deposit to Paramount Party Buses, you agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations set forth here.

Bonus - Please, be safe, have fun, be responsible and maintain responsibility for your party. We're all here to have a good time!

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